The Bible

For centuries Christians have relied on some version of a sacred and important text called “The Bible”.  From ancient Christians reading sections of epistles to canonizing the first “Bible”, Christians have understood that God has gifted us with an important, authoritative library that helps us understand God, Grace, and our own Salvation.

As United Methodists we affirm that the Bible is a Holy and Inspired library of books containing within it’s pages all of the knowledge necessary for our own salvation, and that what it says is true.

As United Methodists we believe that;

  • The Writers of the Bible were inspired and filled with God’s grace and spirit when writing the various letters, epistles, books and scriptures that make up the Bible today.
  • That God was at work during “Canonization”, a process by which the early Christian church took only the most useful, and most faithful books were included in the Bible.
  • That the Holy Spirit works with us today, especially when we study the Bible together, to help us understand the Bible and how it relates to our lives today.

Perhaps the Bible is best put to use when we seriously answer these four questions about a given text: (1) What did this passage mean to its original hearers? (2) What part does it play in the Bible’s total witness? (3) What does God seem to be saying to my life, my community, my world, through this passage? and (4) What changes should I consider making as a result of my study?


United Methodists are “thinking Christians”.  We believe that it is important to engage our head and our heart when looking at Scripture.  We do not simply read, quote, and memorize scripture.  But instead, we strive to learn what the Bible has to say.  We do not believe the Bible is intended to be read and lived literally but instead studied and understood completely.  When you visit the United Methodist Church of St. Clair; you’ll hear sermons that encourage you to understand the scriptures; and perhaps you’ll attend small groups that will empower you to read and understand God’s will for your life and for the world as told through the scriptures.