Location and Worship (What to Expect!)

The United Methodist Church of St. Clair is located at 485 S Main Street, St. Clair, MO 63077.  Click on the map on the right and select ‘directions’ for interactive directions to the church!

What should I expect when I visit?

Expect a casual, laid back atmosphere blended with traditional worship and liturgy.  (Liturgy is a word that means ‘the work of the people’ and describes one way in which we worship!  Which includes responsive readings and time for prayer and reflection).  Traditional hymns are sung with outstanding musical accompaniment, along with occasional modern hymns and praise songs.  The UMC of St. Clair is a place where old traditions and new traditions meet for a chance to experience God.

Services are typically about one hour long, which will include time to sing, time for prayer and reflection, and time for learning.  Occasionally on Sunday mornings, you might experience occasional blessings like Baptism or Confirmation, which happen during the Sunday morning worship time.


What should I wear?

We’d appreciate our visitors come clothed!  But we have no dress code.  If Jesus could travel the world and preach in sandals; we don’t think he’ll mind you wearing yours in church.  Some folks like to dress up for church, others just dress comfortably.  The point of worship isn’t to look spiffy for one another, it’s to be in communion with Christ, honoring and worshiping God.  Wear what best helps you to do that.


What if I have kids?

Well, then you should bring them!  Jesus Christ told his disciples to let the little children come to him, and we intend to live that example.  Children are always welcome in worship, we also have programs throughout the year for kids of all ages.  These programs include VBS in the summer, occasional youth mission trips, Sunday School, and Bible Study programs for all ages.


What if I have disabilities?

The UMC of St. Clair meets in a historic building but even so, we have worked hard to ensure it remains handicap accessible.  If you are physically disabled, hearing impaired, or have any other sort of concerns feel free to contact us (636-629-0350), but certainly you are welcome in worship and we will do everything that we can to ensure worship is made available to you.  The Sanctuary is wheelchair accessible, we have handicapped parking available, and we have hearing assist devices for the hearing impaired.


Have other questions?  Great!  Give us a call at 636-629-0350, or shoot the Pastor an e-mail at pastor@umcstclair.com.  We understand that visiting a church for the first time (or the first time in a while) can be nerve racking.  We understand that churches have done things to make people feel less than welcome in the past.  We would love the chance to talk about whatever questions or concerns you have.  Christ has given us, as the Church, an awesome responsibility of making a place to worship him that is available to everyone.